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Here at Cripto Galeria we have been studying NFTs for a year, since a live organized by Pilastra in March 2021 with Tais Koshino and Moara Pacheco.

From then on, a lot of discussion, reflections, the first NFT collected, the conception of the Cripto Galeria, the creation (mint) of the first NFT, the first collection (by Mulher Baldia), the creation of this e-commerce site and, the main step, the first artist supported by the Gallery, Clarice Gonçalves.

Some argue that the collector and the artist learn to collect and mint (mint) NFTs, feeding the secondary market. This idea is amazing and powerful.

But there are collectors and artists who may not want to deal with the exchange, wallets, choices and details of operating on one (or more) NFT platforms to collect and, in the case of( a) the artists, create the art objects. Cripto Galeria comes to fill this space, to facilitate access to NFTs.

Crypto Galeria is in charge of coining NFTs for the artist who creates their digital art objects. Here at this other end, we facilitate the sale to the collector, accepting credit card payments on an e-commerce platform. No exchange, no need to create and manage a portfolio.

All transactions carried out on this e-commerce site are reflected on the platform (marketplace) of NFTs. This ensures that for each NFT marketed there is a transfer of ownership of the artist's work to the collector. And you also pay the royalties.

In addition, custody of the artist's and collector's portfolio can be transferred to the person, provided that it is requested within a few days. Choosing the Objkt.com platform allows you to create NFTs and record transactions in Tezos, respecting the environment, an essential value for us.

The concept, development and closing of this first cycle of Cripto Galeria had the personal and unquestionable support of Flávia Pierry, co-author of the Mulher Baldia series. And also with the essential mentorship of a longtime friend and colleague, Leonardo, co-founder of Apê11.

New challenges await us.


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