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Wendella Alves

I'm going to the sainha dance

I'm going to the sainha dance

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Wendella Alves, "I'm going to the dance in a skirt", digital image, 3456 x 5184 pixels, 2022, Faith in Children collection.

"Eu vou pro baile de sainha" (2022) is a work inspired by the music of the funk group formed by women, Gaiola das Popozudas, who built their career encouraging female independence. More than just going to the dance in a sainha, the lyrics encourage women to be the owners of their own bodies and clothes in a context of a time when the funk space was even more composed of cis-men.
The product for sale is a unique and certified copy of this crypto art, with a print run of 111 copies, created especially for the "girlsgang" event. It is made available by NFTs on Tezos, blockchain environmentally correct.

Crypto Galeria is responsible for the creation and custody of a digital wallet to establish the link with the NFT of the digital image of Mulher Baldia. If requested, custody of this wallet can be transferred within a maximum of five business days.
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