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Júlia Castello

Júlia Castello: Contraplano #2

Júlia Castello: Contraplano #2

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NFT by Júlia Castello, "Contraplano #2", cianotype on photographic film (scanned), 2112 x 3111 pixels, 2020.

The product for sale is a crypto art, a unique and certified copy of the digital image with a print run of 10 copies. It is made available by NFTs in Tezos, an environmentally friendly cryptocurrency.

In partnership with A Pilastra, Crypto Galeria is responsible for the creation and custody of a digital wallet to establish the link with the NFT .
If requested, custody of this wallet can be transferred within a maximum of five business days.

NFT price: 3.0 ꜩ. Check it out here:
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