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Baldia woman files her nails

Baldia woman files her nails

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RaspC, "Mulher Baldia files her nails", digital image, 4000 x 6000 pixels, 2019, Mulher Baldia series.

In the series "Mulher Baldia", a ccreation by Flávia Pierry and RaspC, the woman's anguish in the face of her silencing is transfigured. The aspects at stake are the sensation of invisibility, the detachment of the real, communication made difficult by the muffled sensory organs and defacement.

The product for sale is a unique and certified copy of this crypto art , with a print run of 20 copies. It is made available by NFTs on Tezos, blockchain environmentally correct.

Crypto Galeria is in charge of the creation and custody of a digital wallet to establish the link with the NFT of the digital image of Mulher Baldia. If requested, custody of this wallet can be transferred within a maximum of five business days.

NFT price: 9.0 ꜩ. Check it out here
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